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    Alright, so I have my phone set to sync the photos with my gmail.com (picasa/g+) account and do instant upload. As a result, when I go into me Gallery, I see one album titled "Instant upload" with all my photos from like ever that uploaded to my google account. This makes me wonder a few things about this functinality:

    1. Are these 250+ photos in the instant upload album being stored on my sd card? Because when i go into file explorer, I can only find the 30 some photos that i've actually taken with this particular phone camera (since my last factory reset)

    2. Is there any way to have the photos I take/download automatically upload to my google account as a backup precaution without having an album of them displayed in my gallery? (more relevant if is takes up a crap-ton of space)

    2a. From the gallery app, i cannot delete any of the photo's in the instant upload album, i can only delete photos that show up here if i go into my Google+ app on my phone and deleting photos from there. That gets rid of them permanently and completely. Why can't I have all the photos i take be saved online but not all show up on my phone?

    Thanks for the help from anyone that can.
    04-19-2012 12:59 AM