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    I'm looking around for a great pair of headphones. Not ear buds but actual headphones and I was wondering if anybody could give me their favorite headphones and why. As well as include a price point because I am not looking to spend probably over 170. Thanks!
    05-03-2012 12:02 AM
  2. UCLA 15's Avatar
    V-Moda M-80. I'm on Head Fi (audiophile forums), and the M-80s are some of the most highly recommended headphones around. Check out the Amazon reviews: glowing. Check out the head fi reviews: V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Reviews

    They have a great sound signature. I listen to a broad range of music: rock, alternative, post rock, classical, acoustic, drum and bass, house, progressive house, some trance, some dubstep, pop, etc. The M-80s are very versatile and do well with just about anything. The build quality is considered to be absolute top notch: top notch materials used, innovative headband design, and a running joke on Head Fi is that it's actually difficult to damage them. The style is beautiful-I personally think (and many agree) they are in the top 5 best looking headphones out right now. Metal shields on the cups (which btw are customizable-you can get custom plates from V-Moda in a few different colors, with your own design etched into them), a cool shadow finish with black/red accents, a unique hexagonal shape to the cups rather than your boring average circles. They are comfortable-light, do not clamp hard (in fact I have a small head and they hardly clamp at all). The extras you get are brilliant-they come with a unique exoskeleton carrying case that looks gorgeous just like the headphones.

    I can't emphasize enough what a great deal these are-do yourself a favor and get them ASAP. They just dropped like yesterday down to around $164 on Amazon and are a steal at that price-they are normally $200 (what I got them at, which is still a great deal). They are highly portable, easily driven by phones/laptops (which I'm assuming you're a regular consumer who doesn't have high grade audio equipment-it always bothers me when people recommend headphones that are not easily driven by phones to a general consumer who doesn't have amps and whatnot).

    Edit: whatever you end up doing, please do not get Beats. Beats are junk. Do not give in to pressure to get them just to be "cool" because I can assure you M-80s are headturners in public and will get you much more positive attention.
    05-03-2012 02:44 AM
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    Not sure if you are still looking, but you may wanna take a look at the Noontec Zoro headphones. They aren't a well known company, but they have GREAT sound.

    Right now, Tanga.com is running a deal on them. You can get them for 69.99. Regular price on Amazon usually hovers between 129.99 and 99.99 though occasionally there are coupons available for steep discounts. Try a pair. I highly recommend them!

    Zoro Fashion Hi-Fi Headphones Deal - Tanga
    07-11-2012 11:53 AM