1. zacheus007's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Android that will not sync from the phone to Outlook Calendar. i have tried removing the corporate account, adding account from corporate calendar, unchecking sync and rechecking syna and I still cannot get phone to write from phone calendar to Outlook Exchange calendar.

    Help please!
    05-21-2012 11:16 AM
  2. epidenimus's Avatar
    Is calendar checked when you click on the account in Accounts & Sync?

    Is Background data and Auto Sync enabled at the Accounts & Sync Menu?

    Are you able to read/write email on the account from the phone?
    05-21-2012 01:03 PM
  3. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    What calendar app are you using? Make sure you're adding it to the Corporate calendar (and not your Google calendar or some other one.

    Most apps I think will roll up all of your calendars, so when you add an event, you need to make sure you select which calendar you want the event to be on.
    05-21-2012 02:57 PM
  4. PvilleComp's Avatar
    What EvilMonkey said - Check that you are looking at the correct calendar.
    05-21-2012 09:08 PM
  5. zacheus007's Avatar
    That was correct, the calendar was selected as a google calendar. The phone is primarily used for business so I want the calendar to sync with Exchange and not google. Is there any way to set the calendar as default?
    05-29-2012 09:44 AM
  6. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Well, there must be a way because my default calendar is my Exchange calendar, but I'll be darned if I can figure out why.

    Maybe it's in alphabetical order, since my Exchange Calendar (the name I gave the account) starts with a "C" while my Gmail calendar starts with an "M"

    That is my working theory, but I really don't know.
    05-29-2012 10:54 AM
  7. Don Albertson's Avatar
    My LG phone hasn't synced properly with anything (not Google Calendar, not Exchange/Outlook) since the upgrade to 2.3.4.
    What I have discovered is that if I power down, wait a few seconds, and then power up, it will sync right then. So I have developed the habit of powering down 2 or 3 times a day.
    08-28-2012 09:57 AM
  8. dave12345678's Avatar
    I had this problem on my Note 2 and it was driving me crazy. I tried deleting the exchange account from the phone and deleting calendar info etc but would still not sync.
    Turns out I had the wrong calendar selected in outlook on my computer. I only found this out because I logged onto the exchange server through the web browser and there where all my events that I entered on my phone on the calendar.
    Then if you look on the left of your outlook program under calenders on your computer there is a heading for "my calenders" check the right one is selected
    12-13-2012 10:06 PM