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    hey guys im new to the forum, i joined because ive tried every method i can find to s-off my phone. i have watched youtube videos, searched these forums searched xda developers googled and binged everything, ive tried the htc dev method and the RUU will not work, ive tried downloading just about every RUU on htc dev. ive tried the simple gold card method as well but i get stuck at the part where im supposed to put 2 files onto my sd card, my sd card is labeled GOLDCARD but i dont know what to do guys i am completely stumped, when i download the diag files it is just a simple notepad document not DIAG files.rar or anything like that its just DIAG files. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I GO CRAZY LOL. i am getting the hang of it a little, but please dont post some crazy tech lingo that i may not understand. if someone could help me out here id really really really really appreciate it. thank you
    06-07-2012 01:28 PM