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    I've recently won a Dell Streak 5, but it appears to have been shipped without the Market or Play apps - when trying to download through the Google Play site, it tells me to open the shopping bag icon on my device - unfortunately, their isn't one!

    I had a Dell Streak previously (until some git stole it on a train - I will find you Mr Thief, if you're reading) so i know market is available on the device - my g-mail account even contains all the old apps i have paid for when i was last using the same device

    Any help would be appriciated - i'm aware i can probably install non-market apps using apk files, but due to laziness i really want to avoid this.

    07-02-2012 07:31 AM
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    Just thought Id update this thread had lots of views, so looks as if this may be an issue others have faced!

    Basically it cant be done. Ive tried forums, web sites, phone repair shops, even Dell help centre (never again), with no joy.

    So, the only way to gets apps onto the phone (most seems to work fine this way, although others seems to link to the market automatically and crash) is to download as .apk files direct to the phone via the developers websites.

    Alternatively, download a file manager such as Astro using your phone, and install. Then add .apk files to phone using your computer install through there.
    07-23-2012 09:01 AM