1. Jonathan I Ezor#IM's Avatar
    I'm not entirely new to Android (my TouchPad is running CM9), but having just gotten my first Android *phone* (the GSIII on VZW), I have some new uses and thus new questions. My two most pressing, for which I have not been able to find answers:

    1) Is there a way to enable text auto-replacement across the entire OS, rather than specific to a particular keyboard, similar to what PalmOS did with shortcuts in 1997, and webOS has done almost since its launch? For example, I'd like pjn to automatically correct itself to ProfJonathan whenever I enter that text, even if I am using Graffiti as the default text method (which I do). The few apps I've found that kind of do this seem to be specific to a particular alternative keyboard, or at best work with a (non-existent in my case) hardware keyboard as well, but not with other keyboard replacements like Graffiti.

    2) Is there an alarm clock app that will play through the chosen tone only once or at least let you choose how many times you'd like it to replay? There are times when I cannot turn off the alarm but don't want it to loop and ring all day. I happily used TimePiece in webOS, which had this feature, but the built-in clock in Android continually loops the alarm tone.

    Thanks, and I'll try to be helpful in return once I learn more about my new phone. {ProfJonathan}
    07-16-2012 12:19 PM