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    First, I know this is really odd situation but have some good reasons.

    I have a 4G Sonic T-mobile hotspot (hockey puck type of device) working fine tethered to my Desktop, working via Wifi to my laptop and my iPad. No issues there. I also have an original Moto Droid on the VZW network, rooted, but no mods.

    The Droid connects via Wifi to my Home Network (a Linksys Wifi Router), and other WiFi networks when I'm on the road. However I can't get it to connect to the T-Mobile 4G Hotspot. I know that's crazy, thinking I might get 4g internet speed out of an old original Droid, but technically it should work right?

    Basically the Droid sees the hotspot, connects for a split second then gets dropped/disconnected. Or it's a settings issue and despite trying a million different settings.

    I'm wondering if there's something in either device, or perhaps both, that recognizes one is a VZW device, the other a T-Mobile device, and it keeps me from making the connection.

    Any ideas what might be keeping these two devices from connecting?

    Thanks in advance for any additional insight and thoughts.
    07-19-2012 07:06 AM
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    Finally got it working. 4g speed for a lot less than VZW wanted to charge me, along with the privilege of being charged an insulting "upgrade" fee. The hotspot also supports my Asus Infinity T700 and wife's iPad.

    Edited to include more specifics of how I fixed the problem. This applies to the hotspot, as well as the routers in my home. Basically, you'll need to go with a Static IP address setting. Details found on link below.


    Hope that helps.
    07-21-2012 11:04 AM