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    If I am in wrong place I apologize and prevail on a moderator moving me to an area for exposure. I already enjoy Linux guests, however surmounting this pre-configured ICS to install to VB really is hanging me up. Restate that my age comprehension is hanging me up.
    Instructions say:

    Head on over to the VMLite website and download a copy of the Ice Cream Sandwich which has been preconfigured for virtualization and features seamless mouse support for navigation.
    Did that and it resides in downloads
    Locate the downloaded Android-v4.7z file and extract the contents from within
    This extracting it is my real hangup and I need step by step

    Once the Android-v4.7z file has been opened, locate a file from within the archive called Android-v4.vbox which as you can tell by the file extension is a pre configured VirtualBox file.
    I assume above step becomes clear with extraction
    Someone please help you will be old someday
    07-19-2012 07:32 AM