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    Think I happened upon another disappointing limitation to the default Google calendar on my EVO (and I would assume all Android devices). Hoping someone can confirm (or challenge) this. Here is an example:

    My friend had a baby (actually twins) yesterday. I am big on birthdays and anniversaries, so I immediately go to my calendar to create a recurring all-day event for the twins' birthday. But one important option is missing - is this a free or busy event? Not there! So by default, their birthday appears on my calendar as busy.

    I also wanted to log a several-day all-day event when my wife will be out of town. Again, the event defaults to busy with no option to change that (or at least I can't find a way to change that).

    I am using a profile changer which will silence my phone for busy events on my calendar, so I don't want such events defaulting to busy!!!

    Coming from a decade of Windows mobile devices, I am so used to the Calendar app closely resembling Outlook in capabilities for scheduling and whatnot, I am getting frustrated with some of the limitations (or lack of features) that Google has provided in Android. So far, it is that kind of stuff that is my only beef with Android. Everything else rules, but damn, what a drag to have to go to the full desktop version of my calendar to add such things! Not mobile-friendly at all!

    Hope someone proves me wrong - I will gladly be the ***** on this one if I'm missing something!
    06-24-2010 05:48 PM