1. Knowledge Kick's Avatar
    So, Verizon doesn't let you extend your contract and upgrade your phone anymore. I'm currently stuck with the Droid X 2 and I'm not due for an upgrade until next year.

    Does anyone have any tips on how I can make this happen anyway? I tried to talk to customer service and they tried to get me to add a line. This proved to be nonsensical because after cancelling the line it would cost the same amount in the end as it would to pay full price.

    So how can I get a new, upgraded phone at a discounted price? If not through Verizon, where should I go? I want new, I'm not too big on used.

    Side note: what would you say is the best Verizon Android phone at the moment?

    Thanks in advance!
    07-23-2012 11:20 AM
  2. MrSmith317's Avatar
    When did you buy your X2? If it was only a year ago then you're stuck.

    Best Android phone on Verizon is subjective. Probably the SGS3 or Gnex though if you go spec for spec
    07-23-2012 11:34 AM
  3. Knowledge Kick's Avatar
    Yea, only a year ago. Is there any website out there that sells them at a cheaper price?
    07-23-2012 11:45 AM
  4. Technified's Avatar
    You can try eBay or Craigslist. Other than that you gonna have to go the full retail price route.

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    07-23-2012 11:55 AM
  5. fwdkiller420's Avatar
    U can take over my phone if u want i have a nokia 3310.

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    07-24-2012 09:29 AM
  6. JOHN39's Avatar
    I have the same issue. If you're on a family plan you can transfer someone else's upgrade to you, but then you can only use that to get a phone from Verizon not from Amazon, and then pay a $30 upgrade charge.
    07-28-2012 02:56 PM
  7. tallsc's Avatar
    You can add a line, just put a regular phone on it and block the data but you have to pay $9.99 more a month on your bill for the line
    09-05-2012 04:35 PM
  8. ZachA's Avatar
    You could buy one used off of Swappa.

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    09-07-2012 09:41 PM