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    I currently have Verizon as my phone provider. I want to add wireless internet onto my plan though. The problem is, I want to use my laptop everywhere I go but sometimes can't get wi-fi. Also, many sites are blocked at work.

    Will Verizon Wireless internet get me a good connection everywhere? About how much will I have to pay per month?

    07-25-2012 07:41 AM
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    You can tether your phone to your laptop, but Verizon and most any other company I know of will charge extra for it. I've recently read of an app that lets you get around this, but don't know enough about it to offer suggestion on it other than try searching yourself. The other option would be a dedicated air card for the computer. I'm running the Pantec UML 290 and love it. It's 4G capable, but I have been able to get at least 3G coverage 99.999% of the time. I really hit some out of the way places, like the deep woods with work and never had an issue with that card. I think it's one of the older cards, but the reviews I've read still rated it as the best over all. Wasn't quite the fastest with download speeds, but uploads were faster than the others. Then again, when you're talking 10+Mbs, I don't think speed differences really matter. Don't let the bulk of the card fool you though. It seems to be built pretty solid, especially compared to some of the other flimsy cards I had to choose from. It also can control your wi-fi connection when you're able to use that.

    Now for the downsides. They are expensive. I live on the road and so my phone and air card are my only form of online access for the most part. I have a 4GB plan on my phone that I use about 75% of each month, and a 20GB plan on the air card that sees about 50-60% used in a month. Now that Verizon has gone to the data share plans, they used it as an excuse to jack up the prices.Thankfully I signed up before the share plans were offered. The plans offer 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 GB/mo from $50 to $100 respectively on top of the basic line access. For me to go to data share with the same bandwidth from what I have now (2 4GB phone plans and the 20GB air card), would have raised my monthly bill $20-30. OUCH!

    Don't bother asking about the 20GB plan like I got on my air card. I had been a hold out, keeping my unlimited $60 plan from when Verizon bought out Alltel in my area when I get a call one day from one of their offices offering me the 20 GB plan (they already checked an I only used about 9 on average at the time), any 4G air card they currently offered at no charge, no activation, and all for the same monthly price I was paying. It was some sort of super special loyalty offer that only select power users were being given (probably to get us back under contract but I'm not complaining. ) and not even the corporate stores had access to the details for new customers. They had to rely on notes to my account when I went to the store.
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    07-25-2012 10:18 AM
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    Thanks for the reply! Seems like I could get an aircard and keep the cost under an extra $100/month. Right?
    07-25-2012 10:28 AM
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    Depends on how much data you plan to use. I do a fair bit of stuff with mine because the air card is my only connection for so much of my time. If you're gonna be a more light user with more access to wifi, then a lower plan could work well for you. They are also good about letting you know what your usuage is and if you're getting close to the limit so you can't accidently go over without realizing it. You'd be surprised how much bandwith you'll use if you haven't already been tracking it.
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    07-25-2012 10:38 AM