1. kpmaher's Avatar
    Hey everyone, new to the forums. And like most new people, I'm here because I have a problem. And I looked through previous topics and could not find anyone with the same problem as me.

    For one reason or another, I cannot receive text messages. I can successfully send them, and my data/internet work fine. I saw other posters had those issue, but where mine is different, is that all of my conversations were deleted, except for sent/received picture messages. If a particular conversation didn't have a picture in the conversation, it was completely deleted.

    I've tried my settings, turning the phone off, doing a battery pool. Nothing has worked. I of course would like to do everything possible to not have to do a factory reset, but if I have to, I have to.

    I have a Droid X2 running version 2.3.5. I have Verizon.

    I'm assuming this is a pretty rare occurrence, so I hope there is a fix out there somewhere. Thank you in advance!!
    07-27-2012 10:09 PM
  2. huffwin's Avatar
    I may not know much but it sounds like a network issue...Are you rooted?
    07-28-2012 02:56 PM