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    i'm new to android and was wondering if it is possible to put a stock rom for one phone on to a similar phone from the same brand with similar attributes and features(without rooting)?

    i have a samsung gem(sch-i100) that i upgraded from eclair to froyo. short story....the upgrade sucked and blocked me from getting to the google market among other things. the update came from samsung but apparently they dont have a way to roll back to eclair so i can maybe give it to my son or sell it. its not being used as a phone but more of a mini tablet.

    i'm not yet advanced enough to try to root it. although i did try super one click which said it was but wouldnt really do anything noticeable. with exception of adding "superuser" which really made no sense to me as to what it does.

    thanks for the help in advance

    looking forward to learning
    07-29-2012 05:52 PM
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    You don't need root to flash ROMs but you do need an unlocked bootloader. You'll need to learn fastboot and install the Android SDK to get started. I'd suggest heading over to XDA Forums.

    That said, it sounds like that's not quite the level of difficulty you were looking for. Unfortunately, you can't achieve what you want to do as easily as you'd like You pretty much have to invest a weekend in learning all about this adb/fastboot unlocking/custom recovery/rooting stuff.

    That said, even if you do, there's no guarantee there's a "stock" Touchwiz ROM to flash to your device...it depends on what the devs for your phone have cooked up. It would all be in the development forum for your phone on various sites like AC, XDA, Rootzwiki, etc.

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    07-29-2012 09:19 PM