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    it seems like the most rugged and unique cases are only made exclusively for the iphone. i have an otterbox defender and trident kraken 2 case for my droid x. they both do their job of protecting the phone. but i like variety and options. and it seems like the really unique cases aren't made for anything but the iphone. i like cases like the taktik, the aqua tek, griffin, casemate tank, gumdrop, qmadix xtreme, rokform, etc. i realize the iphones are extremely popular. but android is responsible for over half of the phones sold. so why not make cases for them and reach more consumers? why limit yourself? does anyone know of some unique rugged cases for the droid x?
    07-29-2012 06:55 PM
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    Because iPhone has maintained the same basic design for a few years and is a popular model.
    07-29-2012 08:21 PM
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    not only the same design, but there is only one to design for. Android might be half of all smartphones, but how many android phones are there?
    07-29-2012 08:57 PM
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    Also only cool people buy iphones, so the only cool cases are made for them. Supply and demand.

    The only people buying android devices are those middle age dinosaurs who still think its cool to buy a belt holster for their phones; might as well be wearing a fanny pack, but watch out, the hipsters are about to make that cool.

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    07-29-2012 09:06 PM
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    Its because the iPhone is so damn ugly all the companies are trying to make anything to make it look better or to cover it up!

    Why would anyone want to hide the awesome look of the S3 with a case?

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    07-29-2012 09:25 PM
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    07-29-2012 09:28 PM