1. marcoscu's Avatar
    As a new Nexus 7 owner and Android newbie I was pleased how easy it was to get my various Google accounts in sync between my iPhone 4, PC Desktop and my Nexus 7.

    Suddenly I can no longer access my Google Calender The data is still there on the Google Calender website and on my iPhone but when I try and access it on the Nexus 7 it tells me firstly to register a new account (although it was already set up with my Google account details) but if I try to setup a new account it tells me that the device is already registered with that account.

    Clearly I have disabled some setting on the Nexus 7 but I cannot think where. In Settings/Accounts/Google/(My google email) I have ticked the option for the Calender to sync and it tells me that it has just synced.

    Can some kind Android Guru tell me how to get my Calender back?


    08-02-2012 03:09 AM