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    So I'm having this problem on my tablet (ACHO C908) where I can't boot, because I get to this screen:

    Obviously my tab isn't bricked because I'm able to get to this stage, even tho I can't get further. I got it translated and it said something about that I need to reset to default settings.

    However, I can't boot into recovery mode.
    I have another same tablet which can get into recovery mode, just this one that can't.

    This started when I did clear the "Google Services Framework" because Google Play wasn't working properly. My tablet then began to freeze and when I restarted I got to this.

    So apperantly I need to get my tablet back to factory settings, however this is pretty hard when I'm not able to enter recovery mode.
    Also, I'm not able to ADB because "USB-debugging" isn't active in the settings.

    Returning to the dealer isn't an option as I purchased it in HongKong, and I'm now home in Sweden.

    Any guesses what to do?
    I cant get into recovery
    I cant get into the OS.
    But my tablet ain't bricked.

    I have another same tablet, maybe I can do something with it and rescue the non-working one?

    Thanks in advance
    Best Regards
    08-02-2012 02:26 PM