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    Ok so I am running CM 9 (whatever the newest nightly is) on my SGS2 for at&t. A few days ago I started having a very strange set of problems i've never encountered. Randomly my phone would get a notification in the notification bar saying that Watchdog had stopped working. Then, the phone would start throwing up many "sorry app has stopped working and was forced to close" box. It would happen for apps that weren't even running (or shouldnt have been) like games and such. many apps I could still use once that deluge of dialogue boxes stopped/slowed. However, all google apps would immediately force close upon being opened.

    In try to solve this problem, I uninstalled both Watchdog (because it's stopping working always portends everything else going screwy and it would theoretically have access to shutting down other apps on my phone) and Google Currents, which I had downloaded right before seeing these problems for the first time (maybe a bit of an ad hoc reaction, but couldn't hurt.)

    But, after rebooting my phone to stop the random force closes, both those apps were still on my phone. This is repeatably, uninstall those two apps, they go away from my app drawer until I reboot my phone, then their back. This doesn't occur for other apps, all others I've tested stay uninstalled. Also, these apps not staying uninstalled happens when I try to uninstall them when the phone isn't freaking out as well as when it is.

    After rebooting my phone, everything appears to go back to normal and work perfectly. But, this weird freak out inevitably happens again, sometimes shortly after reboot, sometimes hours or even days later. I have not found any pattern in my usage to when it goes wonky.

    I have tried various iterations of CM9, including the last version I was on before this started happening. That didn't work. And I always wipe the cache and all that good stuff when updating to another RC or Nightly.

    This is obviously kind of an odd set of problems and one I would love to get figured out if anyone can help.
    08-03-2012 05:05 PM