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    First sorry for misspelling errors.

    I have a EVO 3D, I finally got is back, stolen but also with a lots of problems, it has being rooter I being told.....al thoug not bad in a way of free wifi....I can make calls and receive them, not sure what root it is, since can find out the way it has being done.

    I mention to a friend that has some knowledge of android, give some suggestions in trying to put it back to stock (factory reset) but will not do it.

    He mention to use this apps "4EXT Recovery", "Quick Boot", "ROM Manager", and I have try others that I Google, none could put the phone to factory specks.

    I keep getting this update from HTC (shooter or something like that) can't install saids fail, I have try it several times and keeps giving me FAIL, not sure what that update is for?

    I heard that ICS is coming and I would like to install it, but I haven't being very successfully with any thing I try to install, some apps work others don't, only updates in 3G, not in 4G.

    I call Sprint, and mention to them, my dilemma they suggested that I may have done that and won't stay behind that problem.

    The phone (as poorly as it works) has one benefict that I din't had before...free wifi...and gets calls in and out, mail is not working as well and other programs.

    Also over heats, didn't before.

    Battery is short, don't last as much.

    Concern, can any one still (like serial, or number) and do something with it?

    If I can't install ICS OTA, can I do it manually?

    That's all, thanks hope some one can help.


    PS. I have one more year with contract, my old contract was the 200.00 cancelation, I could paid the $70.00 and get out of that, and go with another phone, will wait for suggestions .

    08-04-2012 10:28 PM