1. jayd_2's Avatar
    I'm new to the Android app market and have a question about installing an Android app outside Android Market. I'm aware of SideLoad but dealing with some of our users may make that a difficult task.

    I'm developing a simple Flash based Android training app using CS6 for a company I work for. I have plenty of experience with Flash but not with installing an Android app. Is there any way for our corporate website to install an Android app on an employees Samsung Galaxy phone, oh yeah it's an ATT service?
    08-05-2012 01:07 AM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Well, if you know how to sideload, I'm not sure I understand the question. Just copy the app to the phones and sideload it from there.

    You should also be aware they aren't really supporting Flash on phones anymore...you can still install it, but it's not supported under the latest Android version (Jelly Bean) and they're even taking it off the Play store this month, so you won't be able to install it without sideloading it.

    I'd focus on an HTML5 app or something....
    08-05-2012 11:31 AM
  3. jayd_2's Avatar
    I don't have a problem with sideload, it's the 150 plus employees that will have to use it, some have trouble turning their phone on.

    According to Adobe an app created with Flash CS6 can be compiled/exported as an .APK and and will run on Android devices, until I test it for myself I'll have to take their word for it.

    I've already created a demo app for use on a PC, management wants a smartphone app, just trying to explore all of the issues before starting on APK app.
    08-05-2012 12:47 PM