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    I recently switched from a Iphone to my Galaxy Note. I have a 2011 Mazda 6 with bluetooth. I never had an issue with the Iphone, but with the Galaxy Note, I can not even get it to see the Mazda to select it to sync. My mazda gives me the passcode to enter into my galaxy, but I can not because the Car doesnt show up when I scan for Bluetooth devices. I know it is working as my home computer shows up. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    08-10-2012 06:47 PM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    Do you have to make your Mazda discoverable in order for other devices to see it?
    08-11-2012 08:55 PM
  3. dave80907's Avatar
    I go through the steps for it. (to pair a phone) the mazda gives me a code to put into the phone but my phone doesnt see it to put the code in
    08-17-2012 04:25 PM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    I get that, but, what I was saying is, do you have to make your Mazda discoverable? A device wont show up in the Bluetooth list unless it's Discoverable. You wont be able to input the code until you can see one device from the other, that's the first step.
    08-17-2012 07:40 PM
  5. dave80907's Avatar
    I dont think so... With my Iphone I just hit link on the car and followed the same steps
    08-19-2012 08:18 AM
  6. Devinator's Avatar
    Is there some type of menu you can access for Bluetooth options on your car? I'd there is, look for a way to make it discoverable. Other than that, not sure what the problem is.

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    08-19-2012 08:49 AM