1. dixiebabii's Avatar
    I need help. I have a lg l55c straight talk phone with the slide on qwerty keypad and touchscreen and it is in spanish and on some kind of lock. I need to do a factory reset to restore the original settings and get it off of spanish and this lock off. Can some PLEASE help me ? Ive called straight talk and they cant even help me.
    08-11-2012 04:45 PM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    So you have a phone that is in Spanish and you don't know how to unlock it? Did you find it somewhere, or, is it yours? If you can get it unlocked, here are screenshots for how to do the reset, you should be able to figure it out from the pictures and icons, even though it's in Spanish.

    LG L55C Tutorial

    Or, you might be able to do a factory reset by accessing the boot menu. Most likely accessed while holding down one or both volume buttons and the power on button from an off state.
    08-11-2012 08:40 PM
  3. dixiebabii's Avatar
    Thank you but that wont work because when i press the menu button nothing comes up because theres a lock on the phone that wont let me do anything ive tried calling straighttalk they cant figure it out and ive tried doing the volume up and/or down with the power button and home key which does nothing. I can see the screen where you can slide left for the sound and right to unlock the phone and after you do that another screen comes up with two blank boxes where you can type in and at the bottom it has the phone symbol but is obviously for emergency calls only.
    08-12-2012 04:33 PM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    So, you didn't answer my question, where did you get the phone from? Did you find it?
    08-12-2012 05:05 PM