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    Hello ,
    How long should the Samsung Galaxy wonder Battery last for with continuous usage for web browsing and twitter for example ?
    Or how long should it last for complete stand by ?
    I am asking because I bought a new Galaxy W and the battery last only for very few hours with the usage mentioned above , and I wanna know if this is normal or I have to replace it ?
    Up till now ( the 12th day from purchase ) , I am still very disappointed from the battery life ,
    what makes me so disappointed is that I compared my Galaxy W Battery with Galaxy fit Battery , in a life experiment making exactly the same thing on both phones ( open wifi and download from the market ) , My Galaxy W take about 3-4 minutes for the battery to decrease by 1% , while the Galaxy fit takes about 30 minutes to decrease this 1% .
    The owner of the Galaxy fit told me that may be the reason is that I have 1400 processor while he has only 600 processor , and the faster the processor the less the life battery , I don't know whether what he says id right or wrong .
    So I am still confused whether to take it to the warranty or it is normal ,
    Can you or anyone tell me whether the experiment result is normal or I have to go to the warranty ?

    Thanks in advance
    08-16-2012 02:02 PM
  2. jean15paul's Avatar
    First welcome to Android!

    I'm not familiar with that specific phone, but in general battery life is a challenge on Android phones. The same things that make Android phones appealing (big screens, 4G, widgets, multitasking) also eat through battery life.

    There are some big things you can do to help your battery life though.

    1) The #1 thing that will drain your battery is the screen. So set your screen brightness to the lowest setting you can tolerate (my Galaxy Nexus is usually set between 10% - 20%). Also reduce your screen timeout time as low as you can tolerate. (Mine is set to 30 seconds. 15 seconds is just too fast for me.)

    2) If your phone has 4G, turn it on only when you're using it. 4G is fast, but it eats through the battery.

    3) Turning off background data and auto-sync save a lot on battery life also, but I don't do that. I'd rather just charge often. But I would recommend going into individual apps and seeing how often they are set to sync. Make that time longer if it will still meet your needs.

    4) Use wifi as much as you can (wifi uses less battery than cell data), but turn off wifi when not in use because it uses up more battery while searching for a network.

    5) Some people love an app called Juice Defender. Basically it turns off your data connection when you're not using your phone. There are different settings withing JD (it can leave your data connection off whenever the screen is off. Or it can turn it back on at set intervals to sync.) Juice Defender can really help out with battery life. I don't use it because I want my instant push notifications. I'd rather just charge often. But some people can't live without it.

    Here are some numbers from my personal experience. With my screen brightness at ~10% on 3G data (background data and auto-sync on... and no Juice Defender), I get about 1 and a half hours of screen on time. On wifi I get about 3 hours of screen on time. (You can see your screen-on time if you go to settings --> battery --> and tap "screen") 3 hours of screen-on time might get you though a whole day of use depending on how heavy of a user you are. I'm a pretty heavy user so I usually end up charging throughout the day.

    You could also consider getting an extended battery.

    Good luck
    08-16-2012 02:48 PM
  3. Devinator's Avatar
    If you are getting three or four minutes downloading and browsing while on WiFi per 1% that is about six hours of continuous browsing, downloading and screen usage. That seems pretty reasonable, no?

    However, 30 minutes of continuous usage to use up 1%. That's sixty hours of continuous usage. I'm not sure I buy that.
    08-17-2012 07:57 AM