1. Dargonight's Avatar
    I downloaded my APK file to my web site, http://app.lidanllc.com/PDFS508Requirements.apk, and it says page cannot be displayed. I want to beta test the app with some people before going to the Android market, anyway I can fix this?

    The name is correct and I can see the file with my FTP software after I uploaded it.

    08-29-2012 03:48 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Upload the file to another service? Dropbox :P I am not savvy in this area of tech so can't really help, but thought i'd throughout a suggestion to get the app out to your testers if you need to publish it soon.
    08-30-2012 11:13 PM
  3. spagman's Avatar
    . Rar or zip the apk

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    08-30-2012 11:53 PM
  4. Dargonight's Avatar
    Soory for my ignorance but how does ZIP or RAR allow me to install it on a phone?

    08-31-2012 06:12 AM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    Zip or RAR doesn't allow you to install it on a phone. Your site is seeing ",apk" as a web page, not a file. Short of reconfiguring the server (making .apk an application file), zipping the file will allow the server to serve the file as a file, not a page. Then the user can unzip the file and install the apk file.
    09-01-2012 12:54 PM
  6. spagman's Avatar
    Thank you for explaining that...Rukbat... I should have added that

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    09-07-2012 11:37 PM