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    Sorry this is going to be long, and this doesn't have to do with any specific device.

    I wanted to open this up to some feedback before I go forward.

    For a while I was the only one in my family that had any kind of smartphone or similar device or really considered buying services, such as ebooks, movies, rentals etc... Except for my wife bought stuff on itunes, though the music's not a big deal I can move it around.

    However, movies and books are a little different.

    So, we are getting to the point where we kind of want to buy books, and movies and such so we have them on our phones, tablets, and other devices, I don't want it to get any more fragmented than it already is.

    I think I've talked my wife out of an iPad, so that's good. Now we are kind of between Amazon and their services and Google Play.

    My son has a Kindle Fire, not bad for him watching shows and downloading them to the device. But I don't want to use it, I want a full Android tablet, not sure my wife cares, but we both have Android phones.

    My problem is that we each have our own Gmail account we log into use for email and such, so I don't want us to make purchases through there or we run into the problem of splitting up our media library.

    The nice thing about Amazon is we can easily share the account between all of us. Except no Prime instant video on straight Android devices (yet).

    On the other hand, the Google Play doesn't work on the Kindle (I can always get a new tablet sometime pretty cheap though I guess).

    I've compared the device list, obviously for TV viewing purposes Amazon Instant Video has Google Play beat. But on the go, I'm limited to the Kindle.

    Now, back to accounts issue. I thought about creating a new Gmail account both of us can use just for the play store, since I noticed I can add accounts to the Play apps on my phone. Anyone try this method, how does it work? How many devices can you sync an account and it's purchases to? It just seems these services aren't made for families or couples who share their income and/or resources.

    Or am I just making this too complicated?
    09-07-2012 11:44 AM
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    Well, here's my two cents.

    Really, the Play Store is tied to your gmail account. Yeah, you can have multiple devices using that account (I do, but one is my old second phone that I've kindof passed off to my kid). My wife has her own gmail account, so that's what she uses. Does that mean I have to buy the app twice (once for me and once for her?). Yes. But I can buy it once and use it on both of my phones, but not hers.

    However, there are a couple things that I do that might help you:

    BOOKS: You can just buy them from Amazon Kindle's store, and then put the Kindle app on your devices. These are tied to an Amazon account, so you can log in under the same account under all your Kindle apps, and then share the books. However, this has the side effect that if you are both reading the same book, the sync always goes to whereever the last reader was at. My wife and I solve this with bookmarks (when I am done reading, I bookmark the page so I can get back to it later).

    This has a benefit though that it doesn't tie you into a smartphone ecosystem like Play or iBooks. I can get the Kindle app on my Android phone, my iPad, my computer etc. If I ever switch to a Windows phone (for example), I can get my purchases there. I think you can also get Play books on other ecosystems though, but I just kind of avoid that because I started buying books in Kindle so I've stuck with that.

    MUSIC: You can get your stuff out of iTunes easily enough. Other than that I'm not much help here because I haven't really bought music since streaming services like Pandora became available. For the stuff I purchased before that, I put it all in Google Music, which I can get on pretty much every device I have.

    MOVIES: Again, not much help since I mostly stream from Netflix or rent discs...don't really buy movies any more.
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    09-07-2012 12:48 PM
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    I think we've come up with some similar realizations. Books are easy yeah, since the Kindle app is easy to get on everything, and we usually don't read the same thing at the same time. Music isn't bad either since I just downloaded it to our computer and you can sync with several accounts.

    I think Movies are the issue here. I use Netflix too, but was thinking of switching to Amazon Prime, plus I like to have some downloaded for when we go on trips. No Instant Video on Android devices.

    I think that's why I kinda came up with this "shared" Gmail account that we could both use on our devices to have access to the Play Store, so it would have my personal account and this account, not sure if that would even work.

    Basically I think it's getting round where all these companies are trying to lock you into their ecosystem, I'm just trying to pick one that would work for my situation. Since iTunes is horrible and only on iOS devices, that's easy to count out.

    Thanks for your help.
    09-07-2012 01:33 PM