1. Glider16's Avatar
    I am new to Andorid, have been a Blackberry user for years. I have purchased the GalaxyIII last week and am getting familar with it, but have a question
    regarding documents and folders. I have several documents that I would like to insert into folders. How do I do this? I know how to create the folder, but how do I insert the document into the folder? Can anyone help?
    Thank you
    09-14-2012 06:40 AM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    Welcome to AC!!

    I prefer to manage files on my PC. I plug in VIA USB and browse the file system that way. I find I can more quickly organize files in this fashion.

    But, you can also use a file manager to long press, drag and drop files into different folders.
    09-14-2012 09:52 AM