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    I had just finished restoring all of my apps from Google Play and my contacts/calendar from Outlook via DejaOffice following a fdr (first ran the fdr twice). I use Rerware MyBackup Pro and I had done a backup of all of my data, excluding contacts and calendars (I did not want to duplicate what DejaOffice would do separately).

    The last step that I took was to finally restore my data (call logs, etc). As soon as that completed and everything listed as successful, I was shown a message in red that said to immediately reboot the phone for the data restore to take effect.

    Once I rebooted the phone, every icon was gone with the exception of the Apps icon. Everything! I restarted the phone but that did not help. Tried the "clear cache" procedure by holding the power and volume buttons to go into recovery where I wiped the cache, but the same situation still exists.

    It has taken well over a day to get those apps restored! Is there hopefully a setting somewhere that will restore the screens? The apps are all there, as is the ugly stock start up wallpaper.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
    09-15-2012 10:56 PM
  2. bookbean1's Avatar
    No reply but no problem. Found a way to reset home screens back to factory settings without having to fdr all over again. Just cleared the cache on the stock launcher.
    09-17-2012 10:09 PM

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