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    hello Android forum! I live in los angeles and currently am on vacation in guam. I wanted to use my WIFI calling, but want to make sure I'm NOT being charged. This tmobile page: Support: Wi-Fi Calling tends to support my belief I am NOT being charged. But it worries me because I once thought ALL wi-fi calls were completely free.

    I believe I am making a call from outside the US to a US number, therefore only minutes are charged. Isn't it weird that tmobile would charge international rates to someone making a wireless call from US to another country?
    09-29-2012 04:49 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    You're right in that you won't be charged for calls from Guam to the US. (Guam is a US territory - it's not subject to international rates because it's not "outside the US".) But call TMobil customer service, log the name of the rep you get and the date and time of the call, and make sure that's what they say too. (Then if you get charged you can ask for the charge to be reversed because "on this date at this time I spoke to this rep, who said that Guam is not 'outside the US', so I wouldn't be charged".)

    Calls to other countries are "subject to international rates" because TMobil has to pay those rates. (Not really - they get paid for incoming calls, so it's usually a wash, but they charge you what you cause them to pay and pocket the income from incoming calls.)
    09-30-2012 09:31 PM

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