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    Ok. I have been an ipod touch user for several years, and an ipod user before that. I do not have a smart phone.

    that is about to change. I am going to need to get one. I really want the Samsung Galaxy S3, but i have found that things simply do not run as smoothly as they do in the land of apple.

    For starters, CALENDARS.

    I have used Pocket Informant for the ipod for awhile. I love it. Played with the Android version on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and i gotta say, it needs work. A lot of work.
    The calendar that comes with the tab is nice too, and so is jorte, but my biggest problem (and it seems like a small one) is that I like to look at the month view and see the times listed in the mirco text before the appointment. otherwise i have to open each appointment or change views to see the start times.

    Next is MUSIC and PODCAST playback.

    there is nothing i can find in Andorid world that works as seemlessly as itunes/ music player on the ipod. My main concern is playback positions. Podcast playback positions are remembered in itunes and on the ipod. Not so with Android. I will listen to half a podcast listen to some music, then go back to a different podcast. When i get back to the original podcast....No saved position. I've tried several different podcast players. None seem intuitive or straight forward. bTunes is nice. But it is a bit buggy and lacked good sorting methods.

    Next is TRANSFER of MEDIA to device.
    love or hate itunes, you have to admit.. it is a one stop shop. I get all my podcasts, i keep my music there, i load my mp4 shows (from various sources) and they all sync right into the ipod. Kies offers similar funcationality but seems to have a long way to go before becoming helpful.

    I have tried iSyncr. this is a very nice program that syncs itunes directly to the Android device. This is the smoothest i have found yet. I only wish it would sort out the podcasts instead of lumping them in with music.. leaving me to hunt for them. It also keeps my music play counts and such up to date. Been using them for a very long time and am not quite ready to let them go. iSyncr will be the way i go if i choose android.

    Many of these problems are minor annoyances. I realize that. I also realize that i can do just about everything on a android device as i an on an apple. But they require workarounds, and such to make work. Where in itunes they just work.

    Apple is not without issues too. I use Outlook. And to get the calendar to sync to my ipod i have to use the third party app google calendar sync to sync to a google account, then back to the Pocket informant app; or the regular calendar app in itunes. This would be an issue with android too, so it is a draw there.

    I guess what i am asking is.. do you have better ways, than what i described above, to make life easier for those issues? I won't want to "settle" on an iphone 5 (which i feel is inferior, hardware wise, to a SGS3) just because every day use seems to be much easier on in apple-land.

    please advise!!

    10-01-2012 12:36 PM
  2. runals's Avatar
    I was in the same boat as you and I can tell you that the Android is the way to go. Itunes is perhaps the worst written program for the PC that is widely circulated. It takes over the operation of the whole machine and lets nothing go on. If you have a tech savy bone in your body you can move data to and from the android as it is simply a disk mount on your machine. I sold my touch and was so glad to loose iTunes.
    10-02-2012 09:10 AM
  3. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Honestly, there are so many options around transferring files and calendars and music/podcasts, I'm sure you can find something acceptable.

    It may be worth reading through this (although it's designed more with iPhones in mind, I'm sure it would help coming from an iPad as well): http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...e-android.html
    10-02-2012 09:53 AM
  4. PanchoPlanet's Avatar
    Your logic applies to any one who uses any interface for a while and becomes familiar with it, and using a different interface may be challenging and unfamiliar until you get to know how it works.

    Then you will know the simplicity and versatility of Android.

    So it is written, and so it shall be.

    Pp. :-)

    Sent from the future using Mayan technology.
    10-02-2012 10:41 AM
  5. crash613's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies. I am getting ready to check out some of the links, and apps mentioned above.
    @runals. it is not that i don't know how to transfer files manually, but that i can sort, organize, sift thru playlists, TAG (android doesn't seem to recognize tags ; sometimes) the files on the computer.
    Also, the idea that itunes keeps track of playcounts, last listened dates, etc, across multiple devices, including the home computer. Again, this is not a big issue , but if i can find a way to do it with android, i will. It seems that iSyncr has that covered. Although not as elegant as a straight sync to itunes, it gets the job done.

    @evilmonkey.. Yeah, there are a lot! My main "issue" with calendars is i want one that can have a month view, that shows the time right on the screen.
    As an example. This is just showing how most apps seem "undone" in android. The first pic is Pocket informant in ios. I love this program and have actually written the company hoping they will finish the android version.
    Really want to go with an Android device, but.....-ipod.png

    This next pic is the same program on android. notict the lack of start times and the unfinished look overall.
    Really want to go with an Android device, but.....-android.png

    I don't mean to sound like i am trashing android, i want it to work, i would rather have the hadware that is the Samsung GS3, but i have to get past the shortcomings of the os.

    checking out the link, thanks.

    @solutions etc. looking into dogcatcher. I agree about finding the right apps. that is the purpose of this post. maybe someone knows the apps that would do the things i am looking for.

    @panchoplanet. i agree. just trying to make the transition smooth.

    One other thing i have noticed,..... and this may just be an issue with my galaxy tab. When watching a video using the standard video app when you go to fast forward , you hold the >> button. it jumps from 2x, to 4x, .... right to 32x and speeds WAYYY too fast. I just want to go about 30 seconds forward or back, but have trouble using the button because it jumps right up to super fast scrolling. Sure, i realize i can do it with the progress bar, but i like the button. Android is about choice, it is supposed to be apple that limits you to doing it their way.
    10-02-2012 06:49 PM

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