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    I own an HTC Desire HD, and the screen was damaged, by putting pressure to the device (it was in my pocket, and a luggage was on my legs).
    The symptoms are the in its right side I have a black area which doesn't show anything, but does respond to touches, and also sometimes the whole screen doesn't show anything, at least until I give it a strong hit.
    I would like to fix it by myself, but I don't know if changing the LCD screen itself is enough.
    Which parts should I buy?
    10-05-2012 03:49 AM
  2. Abdul01's Avatar
    I solved this problem few times by completely opening my HTC Desire Z mobile phone and then reassembling it. Third time, I noticed that the problem is due to looseness of two, out of three, tiny screws at the "camera" button of the mobile set. Therefore, mobile set was not properly pressed and sealed at the "Camera" button and due to some protection by HTC, screen went black. Now I have used new relatively long tiny screws and the problem is solved permanently.
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    08-03-2013 08:50 AM
  3. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Follow the suggestions above first. If there is still and issue look for a screen replacement kit for your phone. The kit should come with everything you need to change the screen.

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    08-03-2013 09:39 AM

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