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    with free space down to 80 MB, I just decided to go from 2GB to 8GB; I put a fast 8 GB card I no longer need for my camera into my Galaxy Ace and formated it; the device told me that the size was 7.x GB; I dismounted the card and, on my PC, copied everything from the smaller card to the bigger one.
    Now, according to my device, I'm back to a 2 GB card. :-(

    Is there one file somewhere that gives out that info about the card?

    If not, then what is the shortest/fastest way of transferring my data to the new card?


    10-07-2012 08:59 AM
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    In general to copy and/or update your devices MicroSD card do it this way:

    First off do not rush, please read, understand & follow the directions below which are good for most all devices.

    - Copy the contents of your 2GB card via USB connection if available, if not dismount & use SD adapter to PC/Mac
    - Dismount & Remove your 2GB card from your device (if you have not yet)
    - Put your 8GB or any other MicroSD card into your device (phone in your case).
    - Format the above card or any other card (it will destroy any info on it) you want to use with the device (your phone),
    when it's done reboot or shut off & turn back on
    - Check/ verify the card for capacity, it should be approx 7.xx GB in case of your 8GB card (it has to be or reformat again)
    - Now copy your old SD card (use SD adapter if was not done already) to a new folder on your PC/Mac desktop and/ or use an SD adapter
    - If your device is USB to PC compatible, connect your device to your computer & verify it's on USB or media type mode (not charge only)
    - Identify your device is connected properly & verify capacity 7.xxxGB on 8GB
    - Find your folder of the 2GB card or new folder that you copied it to, hopefully you named it ie, 2GB Phone or whatever
    - Copy & paste or use "Folder Menu Command to copy" from the 2GB source to 8GB card target (do not move it, you may need those files
    in case of corruption also a back up)
    - Do Not Disconnect Anything Yet!
    - Verify it copied the files to the 8GB card via PC/Mac (be sure it's done copying)
    - After that's done (be sure it's done) use the "Remove USB Device" to properly disconnect it (just for safety)
    - After that remove all USB Cables

    - Reboot phone & check it should be good, if not do the above again.

    Alternately you could also dismount the 8GB card from the device after it's formated on your phone, attach it to PC/Mac and
    copy from the 2GB card. Again be sure to follow the USB / SD Removal properly. Install in device, mount, reboot
    and verify it.

    I wrote the above fast so be sure to read it well.

    Hope that helps
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    10-07-2012 12:41 PM

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