1. NameAlrdytaken's Avatar
    A friend has been trying to watch a streaming religious program on her android 2.3 tablet. I thought maybe she needs flash. Google Play store says the newest version is incompatible so I found version on iapktop. Downloaded it to pc and transferred it via usb to tablet. It asks if I want to install and appears to be installing for about 20 seconds and then orange triangle with exclamation point and "Application not installed". Watcanadoo?
    10-10-2012 02:45 PM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    Have you tried downloading and installing a different APK? Maybe include 2.3 in your google search to get a better match?
    10-10-2012 08:40 PM
  3. NameAlrdytaken's Avatar
    I'm not sure if she even needs an updated Flash. She's tried different versions. Youtube works fine...shouldn't other video content work then?
    10-15-2012 01:43 PM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    You would think so. Have you tried viewing it on one of your devices to make sure it even works?

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    10-15-2012 01:58 PM
  5. cyanogen-man's Avatar
    Are you sure it was an .apk file and not the .tar or .exe??? If it was .exe that's for windows .tar is for Linux not android (ik ik lil confusing) Google and adobe has dropped support for clash they even pulled it off the market try an alternate browser such as fire fox and see if you can run it and press menu internet settings and eneble plug ins

    10-15-2012 02:11 PM
  6. 1Achas's Avatar
    Interestingly, I had her hard reset it - which I thought would clear the browser cache etc. Only when I told her to go to Settings/Apps/Browser and clear data and cache did it start working.
    10-21-2012 04:11 PM
  7. jimbofoshow's Avatar
    11-21-2012 08:39 AM

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