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    Sorry, I'm very new to this and I don't know if this post should go here.

    But I'm having a problem with my T-mobile samsung galaxy s2
    I bought it off someone a few days ago. It worked perfectly fine until like 3 days later. Something happened to the phone. It was freezing and forced me out of applications.
    So i said no problem, I will factory reset it. I go into the settings app, but it won't let me click any of the options (Wifi, storage, FACTORY RESET). So now my phones busted and I can't do anything with it really. So I found out that you can hard reset, I tried to do the little trick with the volume buttons and power button. It brought me to "Clockworkmod v5.8.1.3" and it gave me options like reboot system now, install zip from sdcard, wipe data/factory reset. The thing is it won't let me highlight the reset option. I think clockworkmod is a root thing or something I don't know, I just want my phone to be back to normal and reset. I have a vaque understanding of rooting and android. I just want my phone to it's orginal state.
    10-27-2012 03:08 PM

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