1. Doju's Avatar
    Hi. My friend recently bought an HTC Legend. I was testing it out and as he doesn't have a Google account and I'm a Gmail user I logged in to get into the market.

    Now I don't know how to log out as it pulled all my contacts and email. Something I don't want.

    How do I logout so he can go back to using his phone and all my Google info is off the phone?
    07-12-2010 10:32 AM
  2. SeeK's Avatar
    You'll probably have to do a reset to factory settings. It's not quite as simple as logging in and out, the account you specify when you start the phone for the first time becomes the "owner account". So, wipe the phone and do over.

    There might be another way, but this is the impression I got of the whole first-run process.
    07-12-2010 05:12 PM
  3. dtboos's Avatar
    SeeK is correct. Your gmail account (the one you setup the phone with) is linked to the phone. He will need to setup a gmail account. It can be a dummy account just to set the phone up but he will need one.

    You should wipe the phone (factory reset).
    07-12-2010 05:58 PM
  4. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Make sure you backup any important data before you reset. There are many threads in the forums about how to backup data.
    07-13-2010 12:27 PM
  5. rowdyronzzverma's Avatar
    you don't really need to log out of Google...you can disregard it and use your own personal email and password...it gives you an option...thats what i did...took the option
    11-20-2012 11:47 PM
  6. Lauren Smith3's Avatar
    can you go through the steps to wipe it?
    07-16-2013 06:08 AM