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    I have a new Double Power T708. It came with ICS 4.0.3 and for the price ($89 at Best Buy) it seems like a nice little tablet and I am really enjoying it.

    But I've noticed something weird with the battery reading. If I use it until the battery completely drains and it shuts itself off, it will charge back to 100%. But if I plug it in to charge when the battery still has a charge (let's say 30% for example), the battery reading "sticks" at that level or just a little more even though it seems the battery actually charges full.

    In my example of charging when the battery reads 30%, I plugged it in at night (the tablet being on or off doesn't seem to matter) and the next morning the tablet battery read 32%. But I used it for a long time before it ever went below 32%. It's as if the battery really charges to 100% but the reading is stuck at 32% until the battery actually reaches 31% and then the reading starts working again.

    Anyone know how to solve this?
    11-04-2012 08:52 AM

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