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    What's the best way to determine why all of a sudden my battery is losing it's charge more quickly than normal? I checked battery usage in settings and everything seems reasonable. I can't think of a newly installed app that might be causing it. Any suggestions on my next step? (HTC Rezound, ICS)

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    11-14-2012 07:47 PM
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    Another thought.... I've been researching tablets for the last couple of weeks on this board and another one. I'm subscribed to several threads that are set for instant notification, so there's a lot of activity in my notification bar lately. Could that be the reason for the recent battery drain issues?

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    11-15-2012 12:45 PM
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    Additional notifications from email, no. The apps that are syncing still check the same amount, regardless as to whether you receive any notifications or not.

    How old is the battery in the device? It could just be getting old and either need to be replaced, or, you have some tweaking to do to improve battery life. I replacing the battery is not an option, then you have some tweaking to do, lol. If it is an option, and, you happen to have a second battery, you could test it with the second battery to see if you have the same performance.
    11-15-2012 12:52 PM

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