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    Help, I am so burned out today. I need an android tablet to run the Sketchbook Pro app and it is looking like i am out of luck.

    The past year I had tried out a couple of Android tablets that easily installed and ran Autodesk's SKETCHBOOK PRO app, such as the Toshiba Thrive 10 tablet, and the ASUS Transformer Prime; as I recall they both used Android 3 (I believe the Prime now is android 4.0). Today I purchased the Toshiba Excite 10, then returned it when I learned it was incompatible with Sketchbook Pro. So I bought the ASUS Transformer Infinity. Same problem! I think it must be that they are Android 4. I looked at all the android tablets at Best Buy today and all of them are Android 4. I need at least a dual core, preferably quad core, but it can not be Android 4 which apparently is a problem, seems that the Sketchbook Pro app has not been patched yet to work beyond Android 3. Dual core or better is mandatory because of the graphics intense nature of the app, for storyboard sketching using layers.

    I feel like the hardware has outpaced the software, I am kind of screwed now for finding an android tablet for Sketchbook Pro. I even found myself considering, and am considering, going over to the dark side and going the route of an ipad though I much prefer the greater width (closer to the H:W of movies, film, for storyboard sketching) of an android tablet over the more 4:3 display of an ipad. But I did check at Best Buy and it looks as though an ipad indeed would allow download/purchase/install of Sketchbook Pro.

    I would have thought, before today, that if you own an Android tablet, that you could download/buy android apps, any, but that is not true. In fact, now I would be very hesitant to upgrade the version of Android/firmware on a tablet if I had a tablet running with any critical apps I needed to keep working. Upgrading could cause critical apps to no longer work!
    11-19-2012 03:35 PM

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