1. JustWill281's Avatar
    I have an LG lucid.

    It's my first smartphone (and touchscreen)
    Im not too familiar with any of the lingo that Im sure is needed to get my question answered, BUT...

    My phone went through an update NOV 13th. When I woke up it was like having a new phone. Im comfortable with it now, but I dont really know what any of the icons that appear in my (text) message threads are.

    I had a few red triangles with "!" exclamation points pop up. After some online research I found it to mean a message had not sent.
    I learned how to delete them and everything has been okay, no icons off to the side of message threads except the attachment paperclip.
    Until today. I was conversing back and forth with my dad via text. After I had sent my last message to him a blue box with a white 1 (one) in it came up next to the message thread.
    this box only appears when im in the message home screen, that shows all the message threads, not when that specific thread is open.
    Along with the box, at the top of the message screen, where it says "messages" with the "+" off to the right hand side there is a blue 1. Im sure its related to the blue box/white 1, considering it was not there prior.
    My question is, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
    11-20-2012 09:02 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    I checked the user manual for the LG Lucid and did not find anything associated with messaging and matches the icon described. Can you post a screen shot or picture of the icon?

    Go through the messaging thread and see if there are any errors or similar icons.
    11-20-2012 11:03 PM
  3. JustWill281's Avatar
    OKay. here is a screen shot.

    you can see the blue one at the top, and the blue box/white 1, as previously mentioned in the 3rd thread.

    The number of texts is also bold, which i didnt notice before.
    I thought perhaps there was a message that I hadn't previously looked at, so I went back through the last few conversations worth of messages and concluded thats not the case.
    Attached Thumbnails Unknown Text Message Thread Icon-2012-11-20-22.11.46.png  
    11-21-2012 12:22 AM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    My guess it means one unread message in the thread. And at the top it means one unread message total. If you can mark them as read, do so.
    11-21-2012 09:52 AM
  5. Corinqt's Avatar
    I had the same exact issue and no one knew anything about it. I looked through my messages and saw that the person had sent me their email address once. The address was blue and underlined. When I deleted that message, the little 1s disappeared.
    01-04-2013 01:02 PM
  6. smig318's Avatar
    Holy crap. I've been trying to find the answer to this question for like 3 hours because it's bugging me so much. I have the exact same issue, but I know it's not from an email address or anything. Screenshot:

    It seems to have just...appeared, as if from nowhere. and no amount of opening messages or anything will make it go away. Also of note, it's only above that one contact.
    01-04-2013 07:00 PM
  7. MRSF83's Avatar
    I understand how you feel. It took me forever as well, so I called tech support, and they said it was a notification of a hyperlink. I thought I had gotten rid of all of them, but turns out the system turned a zip code into a hyperlink. So check for any blue text aside from the sender's phone number. If that doesn't work, you might just want to delete the thread.
    01-23-2013 02:56 PM
  8. anj29006's Avatar
    I dont know if you ever got a real answer to this question but since it frustrated me so much to not be able to figure it out that i felt it necessary to share what i discovered just in case you were still frustrated. I searched the internet for three hours. I even gave up on google and tried bing. All i found was this.forum and one other. I tried everything everyone recommended with no success. So i start flipping through settings and had an epiphany. There is a maximum of 500 messages allowed in each conversation or thread. When a conversation hits 501 the box and number pop up as a notification that youve hit the maximum. If more than one conversationes over the maximum the number will be two or three instead of one. Once you deleted enough messages to get under the maximum the blue box goes away . This got me thinking and i realized that each recommendation worked for that individual because at that time they had deleted enough messaged to be under the maximum. Not everyone has seen this on their phone because the phone is automatically set to delete messages once it exceeds the maximum. Only if you delibertly turn it off will you ever see the alert because thats the only way you will ever exceed the maximum. As a sidenote it doesnt really matter whether you delete messages or not. It will contonue to dsve them up to atleast 1200. However, the only way to get rid of the blue box is tobdeleye enough messages to be under 500.
    02-07-2013 10:36 PM
  9. Hooterhead's Avatar
    Total text count is not the issue. I am having the same thing pop up on a text thread with 310 texts. There is another with 539 which has no icon.

    It is hyperlinks. I deleted the latest text message with a hyperlink from that sender and the icon disappeared.

    What's funny, is that I have hyperlinks in texts from other people and have never seen this icon before. No update has been performed lately.
    02-09-2013 07:54 PM
  10. gigi328's Avatar
    I just now figured this out on my phone. It's been driving me crazy too. But it's NOT the hyperlinks NOR the number of texts. It just did it on mine because of a duplicate text. It seems to treat it as an unread text. I only had 24 texts to/from this individual. And there were no hyperlinks anywhere besides his phone number. The number of texts... 24 was in bold... which is what it does if there are any unread texts. But there were no unread texts from him either. There was a duplicate text though... where it sent the same message twice, within 5-10 seconds. That's when the blue box/blue 1 appeared. When I deleted that duplicate message, the blue box/1 went away. And the number 24 changed to 23 messages and it was no longer in bold.

    It obviously has a little mind of its own!
    louise guzzo likes this.
    04-14-2013 08:39 AM
  11. Emily Whyte's Avatar
    Well I think our little phone is just playing with our heads.
    Like you all, I was terribly confused and honestly freaking out because this was the first time it happened.
    Mine had none of the things as listed above. The only thing I had to do is delete one simple message. Just a random message too. It wasnt one i sent twice, or had any special code. It was just a random message. So if it ever happens and you dont have any of those things, just try deleting a random message. It definitely worked for me.
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    05-31-2013 11:41 PM
  12. louise guzzo's Avatar
    i agree. think its very strange bc when i contatced verizon they ddint know, n i even contacted samsung n still no clue. how do tehy not know ab their own services and phones?
    06-19-2013 05:09 PM
  13. louise guzzo's Avatar
    to ANJ: however my thread only has 100 mesages in it and i still have the blue 1???
    06-19-2013 05:12 PM
  14. louise guzzo's Avatar
    To Hooter: by hyperlink i assume u mean blue letters of some sort like a phone # or an email address. i only have 100 texts n im unaware of this hyperlink in it (
    06-19-2013 05:14 PM
  15. louise guzzo's Avatar
    to Emily: that worked for me, just deleted a random text n the #1 went away, thank goodness. i know some of these posts r older from you guys, but thanks!!
    06-19-2013 05:17 PM

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