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    Have a brand new HTC One X+ (AT&T). Having an issue where after boot and sometimes all of the sudden during the day, the phone gets hot and battery level drops l like ton of bricks. Using Android Task Manager App and enabling monitor of system processes and selecting realtime monitor, I've traced the problems to "android.process.media". This appears to be something to do with Android scanning the device for media files (audio/video/etc) and creating some sort of database. I also usually see the "Music Enhancer" process which has to do with Beats Audio according to HTC (but I have Beats turned off.)

    I've seen old threads of people with same problem and in some cases it had to do with a "corrupted" media file and they had to remove all media files and/or factory reset their device. I just spent an entire weekend customizing this device! Plus, how the heck do you prevent yourself from copying the corrupted file over if it was a corrupted mp3 or something?

    I'm pretty sure my issue stems from the fact I used my media manager (Media Monkey) to sync over 2,800 audio files to the device. My collection is of high bitrate quality, about 16GB worth of music. I'm pretty sure this is what it is choking on. What I'm not sure of is if the Media Scan the Android device is performing is just a "normal check" for changes/addition/deletions to any of the media files. This of course would take a lot of time and CPU if it has to scan 2,800 files every reboot or periodically. It seems launching Google Play sometimes starts it too as I also sometimes see Google Play Service:Music or something like that (even though I don't stream any of my audio from Google Play.)

    I'm expecting this is a more widespread issue than people know. I think in many cases it could be at the root of many people's battery issues on Jelly Bean phones, especially if they have a lot of media files.

    If anyone has any more information about this, please let us know!
    11-22-2012 04:21 PM
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    What version of Android is your phone running? There is a problem in Jelly Bean which is being widely reported across many forums.

    I did a write up here: android-media-consuming-battery but this should not be confused with another bug that I also mention.

    11-23-2012 07:20 PM

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