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    Hi folks, First off, I know nothing about my phone. I broke the touchscreen glass by accident so I found a replacement lense and digitizer online and found a video on youtube showing how to replace the screen. I followed the video and replaced my screen. I had one problem with the connector at the rear of the lcd display where the ribbon cable slides in. I popped the black connector piece up and had to reset it into place. I rewatched the video and was reminded of how the ribbon just slides out from under the connector(duh). I got it all back together, turned it on and the screen lit up, went through all the intros and got to my screen saver. From there, nothing. The phone acts like it's asleep. The touchscreen is non responsive. When I press the boot button (I'm guessing that's what it's called, upper right side) the screen lights up with my screen saver like it's waking up but no touch screen. I played with it a minute, then it started ringing and rang for a full minute or two until I pulled the battery. I reinstalled the battery, turned the phone on and whalla! It worked fine for several hours. I texted and used the phone. It seemed fine. I thought I was saved. Then I shut the phone down to save the battery til I could charge it. Tried to boot up the phone again later and back to the same nothing. It starts up fine, goes through the regular boot up process, then just goes dead. Just the screen saver and no function. The screen saver only stays up for a few seconds when the boot button is pushed. Did I break it? Does it need to be initialized? Please help me? I'm lost here.
    12-03-2012 11:28 AM

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