1. b737thurman's Avatar
    My work website for employees is crapy. They won't change it. They don't care. The problem is you have to double click links to open them. I've tried every browser (as has everybody else in the company). Double click changes the size of the screen and that's it. It's true for all phones and phone browsers, yet you can use the site with ANY computer browser. Is there an app in android that will allow you to double click a link and bring it up? I have heard of a "journey" browser for apple that will work, but don't see it for android. This would be a help if it could be resolved. Thanks. b737thurman
    07-18-2010 02:24 PM
  2. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Have you tried long-pressing then hitting "open" or "open in new window"?
    07-18-2010 05:44 PM
  3. b737thurman's Avatar
    If only I got that choice. I get "save image" or "view Image". Nothing about opening a new window. Been through all the settings I can find. And I don't even get those choices on all browsers. Tried the default "Browser", Skyfire, Dolphin Browser, and Opera. Nothing. Open to other ideas. Thanks!
    07-19-2010 12:04 AM
  4. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Well looks like there is no way to make it work, sorry. Your company needs to make the site not-suck IMO.
    07-19-2010 07:42 AM
  5. b737thurman's Avatar
    thanks for trying. at least I know it's not just me.
    07-19-2010 05:43 PM