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    Please help! Ive been using my galaxy s3 19305 for a fe
    w months and Ive noticed my battery drainage is incredibly fast since I got the phone, about 1percent in 1~2 minutes, my battery last me only 7 hrs per day. Ive already turned off 4g. No sync on app and emails Screen on the lowest light. Gps off and using battery apps such as easy battery saver now ive just switched to juice defender. Ive also noticed the battery calibrate tells me that my screen uses 35percent of the battery and the second one is Smemo 21 percent. Ive tried to delete the smemo but still works in the backgrohnd. How can I have my smemo not using so much battery? Ive already uninstall but still running... Pls help...thanks!!
    12-26-2012 07:41 PM

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