1. husnainmahmood's Avatar
    I just purchase ACE2 and this is my first Android device. I downloaded EA Fifa12 with data files and trying to play it on my mobile but with no success because every time it goes to download the data file and due to low memory the process is cancelled.
    I have SD Card with 4GB. But when I install anything it is installed in Internal Storage which is almost 1.2 GB. I have rooted my mobile and tried using Link2SD. But all in vain, definately i am making mistake.
    please help me to solve this problem too anxious to play fifa12 then real football 2013 and then foot ball manager.
    12-27-2012 01:22 AM
  2. radenmaspahing's Avatar
    1. You have root your galaxy ace 2
    2. Use directory bind for making your device can read data even you keep the data on external SD
    3. in folder Android on your SD storage,place folder com.ea.game.fifa12 without data ( just blank folder with that name )
    4. you can download data of fifa 12 and put it on your external SD ( folder name example fifa12 )
    5. now use directory bind to pair source data ( folder fifa 12 on external SD ) and target path ( blank folder com.ea.game.fifa12 )
    6. checklist transfer data from target to data
    7. press Add button
    8. and now you can run game Fifa 12 on your galaxy ace device
    9. I have proof and works
    04-12-2013 06:42 PM

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