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    Be gentle wth me as this is the1st phone i have ever texted from, took photos, all the cool stuff lik cartoon fotos, s memos and apps.i downloaded my 1st app ever down in jalisco in nov.it let m get the wep wifi key to everything.border baja slightly different.in fact i Have no global roaming notices yet and mobile global data is right about 100$ an hour(the way i crunchd numbers or got numbercrunchded.have had outrageous bills all 6 months i have owned it but half or more is my combo of stupidity, naevity, all things business and hi tech -and boy technowizzos are cuttroat-and a devil may care attitude with a learn as you go and from your mstakes but whatever, verizon gets a bigger auto withdrawal monthly than my housing lender..i was convinced by coworkers last year as everything they had for assignments were better than what the poor gov can give u on arrival to a forestfire, hurricane, or any event either random or planned...maps/directions/weather/fotos/ where to eat, sleep, etc etc etc...drivin from wa to louisianna to x burn last year my boss threw an app at us on the long boring drve thru nm and tejas...famous folks from every lil town we came thru or near...and every ranch, winery, southern mansion up 4 sale we got an asking price with virtual tours with every ounce of detail...anywho i will get dinged retroactive by verizon as i got my locaters off. I do head a couple hundred miles down manana and with my 4 g and flashdrive with documents resume and such i need to get a crazy usajobs app in with 48 hours on a baja bus, segundo classe...is it possible to fileshare, beam, tether, someway transfer these pdfs and files to my 4 g lite to email off with attachments? I got a couple line in& outs, a wall charger with the usb cord and random but worthy internationally sony cords i can uSE/SPLICE IF NEEd BE. The drive is an eclip.dont know if that special usb cord will be accessabl but what r the ends if i need to get all mcgyver...that is if i can actually ddo file transfer. Currently looks like no usb storage on my phone and it has a sm card.i would rather make the greywhale migration then re route to la paz or cabo for internet/pc accesss.this is why ipay 5 hundo a month on my 1st ever non pay as you go phone. Dcim file sharing withspecial cord and i'm golden, right? Just beam o cloud it in when file transfers from eclip happens right?
    01-03-2013 07:47 AM

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