1. mojosodope_2's Avatar
    ok so i am coming from an apple product and i still dont quite understand the point of rooting. Obviously when you jb an iphone its too allow you to customize the device to how you see fit. but if android is so open, then why root it? plus it seems that there are thousands of roots to chose from. how does one know which to use? for iphone there is just the one jb and the main thing you istall is cydia to allow you access to things. could someone please help me understand this better? thank you
    01-08-2013 08:24 PM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    There are still things that you can't do on Android that many people would like to do despite being so customizable. Being able to completely uninstall bloatware, being backup app data that has no built in way to do so, and installing ad blockers are things you can't do without rooting.
    01-08-2013 09:08 PM
  3. mojosodope_2's Avatar
    Ok but what's with all the different types?
    01-08-2013 09:16 PM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I don't know for sure because I've never rooted, but probably because there are differences in each OS of Android. Not only between the versions, but each manufacturer makes changes to it to suit their needs. So probably the different methods are tailored to specific phones, or some are more reliable than others.
    01-08-2013 09:45 PM
  5. DroidXcon's Avatar
    Ok but what's with all the different types?
    You can do backups of your system that you can not do unrooted.
    You can customize your phone from simple things as colors of notification bars to entire whole new custom software on the phone.
    You can unlock features that normally are not available to you. For instance on my VZW note 2 it is sim card unlocked, but vzw hid the option to be able to change APN settings which allows you to jump on different networks and use data. But since i am rooted i was able to unhide that feature and was able to use my VZW phone on ATT network with full 4G functionality.
    So although google is open source and free does not mean that your phone is open to you for modification if the carrier does not want you to.l

    Also there is not more than one type of root access. there are many ways of achieveing that root access. depending on the type of phone you have.
    01-08-2013 09:59 PM
  6. mojosodope_2's Avatar
    I have a nexus 7
    01-08-2013 11:16 PM
  7. chadthebuilder's Avatar
    I have a nexus 7
    Of what I hear, rooting a Nexus 7 is fairly simple just as long as you pay attention to the instructions. Rooting your tab is definitely something to consider, if you are not satisfied things such as bloatware, or apps that must have root access. I am currently trying to root my Samsung Galaxy tab to install Cyanogen Mod 10 (in case you don't know cyanogen mod is a highly customizeable android system based on Android jellybean.) If you need more information on how to root the Nexus 7, try this. [Guide] Rooting the Nexus 7 - 4.2 (JOP40C) - xda-developers
    01-09-2013 04:41 PM
  8. still1's Avatar
    I have a nexus 7
    when it comes to rooting there is a basic process but there are different ways to achieve it.
    many root methods you see are the same internally but developed by different people.

    since rooting is so easy to do in android any person can write tools to do it thats not the case with iphone. iphone 5/ipad 4 still dont have jailbreak.

    let me put it this way I can write a guide now about how to root the next version of Nexus7 or Nexus10 or Nexus4
    01-10-2013 07:06 PM
  9. jimrebello's Avatar
    If you have nexus device, there shouldn't be much bloat ware anyway. Unless you want to do true backups of everything, or you want to install custom Roms, you probably won't benefit that much. I had my old phone rooted, but I didn't find there was all that much benefit for me. But I'm not a big modder. I rooted to get rid of carrier bloat ware on my old galaxy s captivate. I don't feel to root my n4... Yet

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Android Central Forums
    01-15-2013 01:03 AM
  10. Jignesh Mehta's Avatar

    I have successfully rooted my Viewsonic Viewphone 3.

    Pls check procedure.


    Jignesh Mehta
    01-15-2013 01:49 AM
  11. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Ok but what's with all the different types?
    Unlike the iPhone, which has very few variations, there are dozens and dozens of variations of Android phones. Not only different versions of Android, but different manufacturers and different models, each of which has it's own device specific tweaks. And then each carrier also applies it's own customizations. All of these things mean the ROMs vary; sometimes a little bit, sometimes a lot. Using a procedure that works on a Sprint Galaxy S3 may not work at all on a Verizon S3. And it certainly won't work on an HTC Evo. In the worst case, applying the wrong root procedure or ROM will turn your expensive phone into a door stop.

    On top of that, there are many developers who build custom ROMs for Android phones. Again, a ROM is very much device and carrier specific. And there may be a dozen or more different custom ROMs for any device, written by a dozen or more different people.

    Rooting, btw, is NOT the same as flashing a custom ROM. You need to root to flash a ROM, but you don't need to use a custom ROM if you're rooted. My phone is rooted, so that I can run certain apps that need root privileges, but it's still on the stock ROM.
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    01-17-2013 04:35 PM

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