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    Hi, I have just unlocked my bootloader and rooted my Nexus 7 on 4.2.1 JellyBean. Everything was successful, until now. I backed up with the root toolkit before unlocking the bootloader. After rooting was completed, I tried to use the "Restore" option on the toolkit. Everything works, until it just freezes. What I mean by that is the restore is running, and then, when the restore gets to some app (it shows what app it's restoring on the Nexus 7) it just stays on that app forever. It's been running on the com.hotmail.Z7 app (This seems to be the only one it stops on) It's done this 3 times now. In between the different restore attempts, I've either wiped the device clean and rebooted, or done nothing. And yes, I've enabled Developer Options, and turned on USB Debugging. Please help. Thanks so much.
    01-12-2013 09:26 PM

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