1. Mr.Mcgoo's Avatar
    I am asking this question here because i figure it is the same on IC or JB as of now. I need to create some word documents and excel type spread sheets that I would be able to check items off or add on the fly. I have a GN phone and have been carrying my iPad 2 with the forms on there but cannot interact with them. Tried a few things on the apple side without any luck. Is there a app that I can do this say if I was using the nexus 7?

    The forms would have check boxes to mark and comments to add below while working.

    Thanks in advance for any help...

    01-15-2013 04:43 AM
  2. still1's Avatar
    have you tried google drive. there is an ipad app as well.
    01-15-2013 11:46 AM

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