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    So I've been through three different audio cords in my car. Each one works perfectly for about a week then it starts to crackle and then finally loses audio on the right side of the car. I've used three different phones: HTC One X, S3, Note 2. The phones are just fine and the aux jack works like it should if I try a new cord with the phones; but after a week the cord fails.

    Anyone have any clue? Could the car be frying one of the connectors? Could the phone be frying a connector? That would be weird because I have music playing on my headphones about 8 hours a day with no issue.

    The cords worked for a long time on my TV, it's just when I use them in the car it breaks it. Any ideas?
    01-23-2013 11:15 AM
  2. Strider2112's Avatar
    I don't know an aweful lot about the jacks on the phones, but I am an electrical engineer and I know a bit about sound equipment.

    My guess is the issue is a short or power surge that is causing issues in the fidelity of the very thin wires in those auxiliary cords. Or is it possible that you have the cord in a position where it is becoming crimped or twisted, it is possible that it is breaking one of the very thin copper wires in the cord itself.

    Some standard tests I would try is:
    1. Does this happen when you use headphones attached to the phone after a week? Try plugging headphones into your phone's jack in the same sort of position that your Aux cable would be in, in the car, with the same amount of time and see what happens. This will likely eliminate the issue being the car or the phone.
    2. What happens if you plug something that is not a phone into your Aux cable, like an mp3 player or even a laptop?
    3. What happens if you plug headphones into the aux in on the jack, try leaving them in for about a week and then test the headphones to see if there is an issue in one of the speakers.

    If you have a multimeter or an Ohmmeter, you could try testing continuity between the connection points on the Aux cable to determine if it is the issue, and where the issue is...

    Hopefully this helped a bit.
    01-24-2013 03:10 PM

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