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    Daughter has been using go SMS Pro since xmas and there has been no issue to current date. However ... All phone numbers have been from friends in the uk and numbers are classed as 07xxxxxxxxx so no-one has roaming turned on.
    Sms pro happens to like these numbers and sends texts happily. However one friend travels a lot and roams to other countries so her number is "classed as" +44755xxxxxxx

    SMS Pro is altering the +44 and replacing it with 07, so not replacing it with "0", but with "07".

    So last night we sent a text to friend 0755xxxxxxx and text sent successfully. A reply was sent back from +44755xxxxxxx which was her phone.

    Within goSMS the number top left (next to the face picture) changed to be .... 07755xxxxxxx which is an invalid number. So when daughter tried to reply, it errored with invalid number. So somehow the app altered a number from (+44)755xxxxxxx to 07755xxxxxxx (one digit too long) and NOT 0755xxxxxxx

    Thoughts ?, is this a setting ?, there is no F/B connection (daughter doesn't use it). p.s. it DOES NOT happen in the htc wildfire s native app. That works fine
    01-25-2013 05:46 AM

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