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    Hi . I'm new here . Firstly i'm sorry for my bad english .
    I have elf 2 table pc . I was install custom rom , dark elf . Is not first time when i install this rom . After install , i press reboot now .
    When my tablet restart , she start with gray desktop . I dont see ainol picture of boot image , just gray image . I can enter in recovery mode but again i have gray screen . Tablet work perfectly . I hear unlock sound and volum sound. When i connect tablet to my tv with hdmi , on tv i have image , but in tablet i have nothing . I use factory reset and now i dont have image nowhere .
    Is hardware problem or software ? If is software problem , how i can resoft my dablet from pc ?
    I wait for answare and sorry again for my bad english .
    Thanks .
    01-25-2013 12:32 PM

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