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    This is my first post and the first time I am doing a phone recovery so please take it easy. I have a LG P506Go phone that I feel is semi-bricked. The reason I say semi-bricked is because using the key combinations I can get into Fastboot mode or Emergency mode.

    Problem: phone won't go past the LG logo screen (probably stuck in boot loop)

    Having read a lot of posts I have tired a few things, but they don't work.

    1. Used the LGDP2 v36 UMTS app and tried flashing the phone. Doesn't work. It goes to the point where the app automatically reboot's the phone. Once the phone restarts the app waits for a few mins and then comes up with a message "ErrNum 6. OPEN PORT"

    2. Tried KDZ flashing, but that too comes up with an error : "error wparam=100 lparam=502"

    3. Got into fastboot mode and used fastboot.exe using the below given commands
        - fastboot erase recovery
         - fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
         - fastboot reboot
    the commands execute fine, at the last step it takes a good few mins and reboots the phone.

    4. Have also used the LGMobile Support Tool, downloaded from LG's website but after 25% progress the app gets stuck saying "Problem with communication between cell phone and pc"

    Having used the first 3 approaches, when the phone boots I get a white screen with lots of red and blue dots. Can someone please help me recover my phone, if recovery is possible?

    Many thanks.
    01-30-2013 08:22 AM

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